School dates

The school dates for 2017-2018 are as follows:


9.12. Santa’s visit


9.6. Spring/summer party

Lessons last from 10.30am until 12.30pm with a break at around 11.30am. During the break you can, for a small donation, buy a cup of tea, coffee or juice and biscuits or cake. We also have Finnish sweets for sale in the kioski.

Save money and pay for the whole year!

To cover the costs the fees for the year will be:

£60 Parent and toddler group (@ £6 per 2h session)

£60 Suomi-koulu group for over 3-year-olds (@ £6 per 2h session)

£100 Beginners’ adult Finnish classes (@ £8.30 per 2h session)

FAMILY DISCOUNT: Second/third/fourth child will only pay half price – cheaper one half price. 

Please make cheques payable to the Finnish Saturday School in Cardiff. You can either pay cash or cheque on a pay-as-you-go basis as well, £10 for children’s classes and £15 for beginners’ classes.

6 Responses to School dates

  1. amanda riley says:

    Hallo, i would really like to join your adult learners course.i dont have family links to Finlandbut am really interested in Scandinavian culture and follow several finnish blogs.It would be wonderfull to be able to read what is written as well!

  2. Corinne Floyd says:

    Will beginners adult classes be held for 2012 – 2013 as well? Like the person who wrote the previous comment I have no links to Finland, but I have wanted to learn the language for quite a while. I am hoping to do the masters part of my degree at Helsinki University; this would be taught in English but of course living in Helsinki it would be nice to be able to speak some Finnish too.
    So really I was just wondering whether a new group would be starting in October 2012.
    Thank you.

    • kaisapan says:

      Hi Corinne,

      We will run beginners’ classes again starting in September. We will post the dates on the website in the summer. If you would like to join our mailing list, please get in touch!

      Hope to see you in September!

  3. Carly O'donoghue says:

    I really want to learn the Finnish language and look forward to taking classes.

  4. Bryony says:

    Hei, I am very excited to have found this website and to actually have anything Finnish-related so close to me! I am very interested in studying or moving to Finland in the future, and having beginners lessons would be highly useful at this stage of my interest. 🙂 I am also hoping for 2012 – 13 classes and anticipate the dates! Kiitos!

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